Benefit | WisdomLand

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·    Wisdomland is the project for you. Help make the positive global change.

Eco community will consist of:

·    Golf course

·    Indoor water park all inclusive. Baby sitters will be provided if the parents need.

·    Vocational schools with American standard of education. Teachers will be the highly qualified and recognized in their respective fields. The goal will be to have 100% job placement, including jobs abroad. All students will pay tuition, except the shelter residents.

·    Employees will be paid well, so they don’t need to think about leaving India. Queen Munni Irone hopes the brains of India will serve India to make it a strong country. She would like to have some kind for profit sharing plan and medical benefits for employees.

·    Every person from the cleaning crew to the top executives will go through intensive training on wisdom.

·    Casino. Parents can have their own fun and we will take care of the kids.

·    Wholesale designers’ outlets for fixed prices. Queen Munni Irone wants prices so cheap that no one can beat them. She is planning to bring people from all the world to shop at the outlets. Air India will have special ticket sales for shopping spree tours. She wants to make Wisdomland a top tourist destination.

·    Children rides, kids will have so much fun, they will bring parents back.

·    All the walkways will have star of fame for Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood and other professions such as poets, scientists and athletes.

·    Statues of donors with their names or their loved ones.

·    Road names and building names will auction out to the donors.

·    Best restaurants with fast food to fine dinning.

·    A party hall that she will rent out for weddings and other events. For Indians, the wedding is the highlight of their lives.

·    She will have horses and buggies like the old times. Traditional Indian style buses will be provided for people to commute throughout Wisdomland. Buses will run every 15 minutes.

·    The whole area will be enclosed with high walls and security.

·    Ample of car parking for each building.

·    Cover walking beautiful path ways for Star of Fame.

·    This will be place all people with different financial status to come and enjoy.

·    No beggars or solicitors will be allowed inside the Wisdomland. So, people can enjoy the best of India.

·     We will have benches, where people can donate for their family or themselves.

·    One area will have a theme of Old Mughal India.  With restaurants in the rush essay traditional way, where the king sits and dancers entertain them.

·    All kinds of religious institutions will be there. Everyone can practice whatever they like.