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The founder of Wisdomland, Queen Munni Irone wanted to have a self-sustainable shelter for women, men, children and animals. She is interested in creating jobs and sharing her lifestyle of nonviolence, wisdom, love and peace. She is a Global peace leader. She also founded Art 4 Peace Awards in Beverly Hills/Hollywood as a non-profit organization.  To support her shelter, she created this gigantic business plan of WISDOMLAND.

According to Queen Munni Irone, “Peace will come via Arts and Wisdom. Happy people don’t create crime.”

She recently visited India and she saw a lot of tourists are coming to India.

If you need a tax deduction please donate to Art 4 Peace Awards. Wisdomland is for profit and she is looking for investors from all around the world to create this Wisdomland community which will consist of:

  • 6 acres that will be donated for women, men, children and animal shelter. This shelter will have its own entrance and exit, and will be self-sustaining.  It will be equipped with commercial kitchens, which will provide catering to generate money. This revenue will be used just for the Wisdomland Shelter.
  • 200 acres of land will be used for India’s first eco-community.